Fantasy Cricket Strategy is a combination of skill, knowledge, intuition, and luck. If all these work, then you are just one step away from winning big.

As per Livemint reports, 18 crore users play fantasy sports on a daily basis. 

In India, the majority of people love playing cricket. So, this number for cricket fantasy games is generally very high.

Now, the common question will be, “How can I win big through these contests?”

Well, all you need is to use some smart strategies to win a big amount of money. So, without any further ado, let us know about winning fantasy cricket strategy right away.

Core team – Fantasy Cricket Strategy 1

Hey there, fantasy cricket champs! Today, let’s talk about a secret sauce to spice up your fantasy game. The strategy is to pick a constant team for a 3-match series.

But Why go with the same team even if players are not performing?

Picture this: You’re all excited, and you draft Shubhman Gill for your fantasy squad in the first match. But oops, he doesn’t quite get going. Now, here’s where the magic happens. Most folks, in their panic, drop Gill from their team, thinking he’s having a rough patch.

But hold your horses! Gill is a class act, and maybe he just had a couple of bad days at the office. 

Remember, it’s a three-match series! If you stick with him, the third match could be the charm. Imagine the laughter if Gill scores big. And, your competitors are left biting their nails, regretting they ever dropped him.

That’s the beauty of having a constant core team. Sure, you might have a few rocky moments, but in the end, you’ll have the last laugh. So, in the wild world of fantasy cricket, be steady, be smart, and keep riding with your stars.

The Odd Team – Fantasy Cricket Strategy 2

Alright, here’s a nugget of wisdom for you: Embrace the magic of an odd team!

Imagine this scenario: You’re in a series where the wicket is an absolute paradise for bowlers. 

And you have the option to pick 5 or 6 bowlers in your lineup. Most fantasy teams might stick to the conventional 4-bowler strategy. But that’s where you can get the upper hand.

By going with an odd number of bowlers. You’re not only capitalizing on the pitch conditions but also throwing your opponents off balance. 

They’ll likely stick to their standard 4-bowler team. Expecting a batting-friendly pitch, only to watch in despair as your extra bowler(s) rack up points.

Conversely, if it’s a batting paradise, and you opt for 5 or 6 batsmen while your competitors go with the usual 4, you’re setting yourself up for a run-fest that could leave them trailing in your dust.

So, remember, in the world of fantasy cricket, don’t be afraid to be a little odd. It might just be the secret to outsmarting your rivals and claiming the fantasy cricket throne!

Multiple variations, One contest – Fantasy Cricket Strategy 3

Here is some cricketing wisdom on how to conquer mega contests with not one, not two, but a fantastic five-team strategy:

  1. The Classic XI: Start with your bread and butter, the classic team. Pick players based on the popular choices among fantasy managers. It’s like Rahul Dravid dependable, reliable, and consistent.
  1. The Gut-Feeling Squad: Trust your cricket instincts and assemble a team that your cricketing gut tells you is going to shine. This is where you channel your inner captaincy skills and pick those underdogs who could turn into match-winners. Just like MS.
  1. The Oddballs United: As we’ve already discussed, having an odd number of players in your lineup, whether batsmen or bowlers, can be a game-changer. Shake things up and throw your rivals off balance with this unconventional team.
  1. The Expert’s Touch: Time to borrow a page from the experts’ playbook. Research, stats, and analysis – build a team that’s crafted with the precision of a masterstroke. This is your “do your homework” team. Our Telegram channel can act like a digest here : )
  1. The High-Risk, High-Reward Brigade: Feeling bold? This is your ticket to taking fantasy cricket risks. Drop the big names, pick the unheralded ones, and craft a high-stakes squad. It’s like going for a six when you need four to win – thrilling and potentially game-changing.

Remember, in the mega contests, versatility is key. These five teams will be your fielding positions – cover all your bases, and you’re primed for a shot at glory!

Dark Horse – Fantasy Cricket Strategy 4

This strategy involves taking calculated risks that could lead to big rewards. 

In this team, you’re essentially looking for those players who are often overlooked by others. Or have been underperforming but have the potential to spring a surprise.

For instance, if a seasoned player has had a string of low scores, many fantasy managers might drop them. However, in your Dark Horse Squad, you give such players another chance. 

These are the wildcards in your deck, capable of turning the game on its head. They could be emerging talents waiting to explode or experienced campaigners due for a comeback.

By including a Dark Horse Squad, you’re not only diversifying your fantasy portfolio but also embracing the thrill of uncertainty. 

It’s akin to a daring last-over chase – risky but with the potential for a spectacular victory.

Small Contest – Fantasy Cricket Strategy 5

When you’re gearing up for fantasy cricket, consider this golden tip – think small, win big. 

Small contests often offer higher winning probabilities and lower joining fees. It’s like going for singles and doubles in a game of cricket. 

They might not be as flashy as the boundaries, but they can steadily build your score. 

In smaller contests, you’re competing against a more limited pool of opponents, increasing your chances of finishing at the top. Plus, the entry fees are typically friendlier to your pocket. 

So, while the allure of mega contests is tempting, don’t overlook the charm of the smaller ones. They can be your stepping stone to consistent fantasy cricket success!

Final Words

In the world of fantasy cricket, where strategy meets excitement. We’ve explored some key tactics. 

We’ve uncovered the advantage of maintaining a constant team throughout a three-match series. 

The power of an odd number of players in your lineup, and the versatility of a five-team strategy, including the intriguing “Dark Horse Squad.” 

Moreover, we’ve emphasized the wisdom of opting for smaller contests, offering higher winning probabilities and lower entry fees. 

In conclusion, fantasy cricket is not just about winning; it’s about enhancing your love for the game. 

So, jump into the action, enjoy the thrill, and remember, it’s all in good fun – don’t let it stress you out. Play on!