Indian Cricket Board is the richest cricket board in the world. The net worth of BCCI is more than 2 million USD. Indian cricketers who are in the C category get a 1 crore salary and a minimum of 6 lakh INR per match depending on the format. What they earn from IPL and other forms of cricket is a different matter altogether.

There are a few popular topics that every Indian thinks about in his lifetime. One of those topics is how Cricketers manage or invest their money. This is one interesting topic and cannot be answered in a word. So let us look at the top sources of investment for the cricketers. 

How much money does an Indian player earn from one match?

Cricketers have contracts and they are divided into categories. They are based on their performance and their role in the team. Suppose a player is playing in all three formats, then he will be having an ‘A’ category contract. 

Players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hardik Pandya have A+ contracts. Additionally, the captain of the team gets an extra bonus. All the players have their own match fees and extra money for a man of the match and other awards. 

Categories and salary

GradeSalary (INR)Per match Fees (Test)
A+7 CR 50 Lakhs 
A5 CR30 Lakhs
B3 CR10 Lakhs
C1 CR10 Lakhs

These stats are the same for men and women cricketers. Thanks to Roger Binny the new Chief of the BCCI. 

What are some other sources of Income for cricketers

Apart from cricket, players earn a lot from their brand value. As we all have seen, players become brand ambassadors or promote any brand. 

Cricketers who have a good reputation charge up to 50 Lakhs to 1 Cr per day for ad shoots. These stats are well explained in Suryakumar Yadav’s Brand Value blog by livemint.

Nowadays, various brands also do paid partnerships with cricketers. Generally, they charge around 15k to 20k USD for one post. However, these amount varies as per follower and their influence. 

Someone like Virat Kohli charges around 1 million USD for one Instagram post. So you get the idea of how much a top cricketer and an average cricketer earn. 

How do Cricketers invest their money?

MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar Mutual Funds

(Image source: MediaNews4u)

We all have seen Cricketers doing Mutual Funds ads. But they won’t invest or manage their money in Mutual Funds all on their own. Mostly all the cricketers have their own manager who manages their money. Also, there are some investment firms that manage the money of celebrities. 

Having a team or someone to manage money saves a lot for cricketers. They find the best way to save tax legally and also create a balanced portfolio for themselves. 

There are lots of cricketers who buy properties. Virat and Sachin have properties in Australia. Players like MS Dhoni buy things they love to collect. MS has over 40 bikes and a separate building to park them all in one place.

Lastly, all the players do invest in start-ups. Virat is an investor in Digit (an insurance company based in Bangalore). He also has his own brand ‘Wrogn’ associated with Puma. MS has his brand “SEVEN”. And recently started his own entertainment, fern. 

Many players buy hotels, land, and properties, or invest in start-ups. But the majority of their money is managed by their team or any finance firm.

Final words

Cricketers do not have to worry a lot about their investment, as they have already earned enough. After a certain point in life, people do not think a lot about money, they find other meanings to life. That stage is what we call financial freedom. 

If you are someone who is looking to invest your money, first make sure to earn a lot. One part of that can be your investment, and you can hire someone to manage that. However, having financial literacy is equally important. 

So make sure you are working on your game, skills, and art, and finding a primary source of income first. Later you can start small and start investing to build assets around that. For other cricket-related updates, do check Crickpicks.