During the ICC World Cup 2023, the highly anticipated England vs. Pakistan match is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 11, at Kolkata’s famous Eden Gardens.

Pakistan, who are now fifth in the standings, must defeat England by an enormous amount of margin. But, their hopes of making it to the semifinals will go if they bowl first. So toss will play a big role in this match for them upfront. 

Pakistan won the last match they faced against New Zealand. So they will look to win this England vs. Pakistan match also.

England must win this game to secure a top-eight ranking and a ticket to the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025. After defeating the Netherlands in Pune, they would have a lot of confidence. 

So England vs.Pakistan match is very much on the cards to play.

The pitch curator at Eden Gardens disclosed that a new pitch will be used during the game. The batsman-friendly Eden Gardens pitch in Kolkata frequently produces high-scoring contests. However, it can present an opportunity for spin bowlers later on in the game, increasing the intensity of the contest. The sunken turf for the England vs. Pakistan clash might work well with the new ball as well because it offers carry.


England vs. Pakistan

Captain: Babar Azam (Pakistan)

Babar Azam should be a must pick for captain choice in the fantasy team for the England vs. Pakistan match. He is looking in good form and Pakistan will hope that he gets a big score.

Babar has scored 282 runs at an average of 40.85 and four half-centuries in eight World Cup 2023 matches thus far.

Vice Captain: David Malan (England)

David Malan has been the lone ranger for England in the World Cup. He has arguably been a standout batter for the England team so far. 

Malan has chipped runs in crucial times for his team and will be ready for the England vs. Pakistan clash.

In 8 matches in the World Cup so far, Malan has scored 373 runs with an average of 46.62 and a strike rate of whooping 103.32.


Ben Stokes (England)

One of the most important players in fantasy cricket is Ben Stokes. So a true all-around player who can use his seam bowling to take wickets and score large runs. In fantasy cricket, he is a triple threat because of his exceptional fielding abilities, making him a very versatile player.

Stokes also is an excellent fielder. He can cover a lot of ground because of his powerful arm. So he is a skilled catcher who has made many incredible catches throughout the years.

So picking Ben Stokes for the England vs. Pakistan match can be fruitful.

Chris Woakes (England)

Chris Woakes is an excellent all-around player. His ability to swing the ball early and pick wickets makes him the main bowler for England. He can be a handy lower-order batsman.

Because of his impressive all-around performance in the 2023 World Cup, he has taken nine wickets and scored 127 runs.

In this edition, C. Woakes has averaged 59  fantasy points thanks to his all-around performance.

Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan)

Left-arm bowler Shaheen Afridi opens the Pakistani bowling attack with his fiery face. He has taken 16 wickets so far in the World Cup and appears to be in excellent form.

To his name, Shaheen set a world record. In the fewest amount of games played, he has emerged as the fastest bowler to reach 100 wickets in the one-day format. Because of such performances, he is therefore anticipated to do well once again in the England vs. Pakistan match.

Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan)

Fakhar Zaman is a valuable asset for Pakistan while opening the batting. He is known for his aggressive batting and pure stroke play. In the last match, he scored a century which led to his winning cause for Pakistan

The last match was abandoned early due to rain, but Pakistan managed to reach 200/1 after 25.3 overs thanks to a brilliant partnership between Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam.

So pick this opener in your fantasy team for the England vs. Pakistan game


David Willey (England)

David Willey is a left-handed batsman and lefty quick bowler for England. He is a true all-round player who has contributed significantly to the England squad recently.

Willey’s ability to swing the ball both ways is a defining feature of his bowling. He can produce good pace and is also a talented bouncer bowler. In the middle overs, Willey may be a valuable wicket-taker, but he is most dangerous when the ball is new.

Willey is a potent hitter who can score runs quickly with the bat. He has several half-centuries to his credit in all three game styles, and he excels at clearing the ropes.

So he becomes a top pick for the England vs. Pakistan game.

M. Rizwan (Pakistan)

This wicketkeeper-batsman is the spearhead of Pakistan’s batting lineup. In the England vs. Pakistan clash he is a probable starter.

Rizwan is famous for his rapidity in scoring runs and his aggressive batting approach. In recent times, he has been a vital member of Pakistan’s team, contributing to their victories in numerous significant games. 


So In a few days, Semi-Final matches will start. ICC Cricket World Cup has been enormous fun to watch as playing fantasy cricket. We hope this England vs. Pakistan will be a tight contest.

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The above content is for information only. The editor has put his skill and knowledge into making this team so use this for reference only. While making your fantasy team put your understanding on it and play it safely. Discipline is key to success and earning more rewards.


So can England qualify for the Champions trophy

Will Pakistan create a miracle and qualify for semis?

Who will win the match?